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February 11, 2018


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RYNO_37·KronicKush·1750d6 reviews
I was contacted by Chronic Kush and they sent me 1g each of 5 different strains(Black Diamond, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Delight, Ice Cream, and GG#4) for their official opening at the end of the week(I believe).

I haven’t got a chance to try all the strains yet except the Hawaiian Delight whi...
RYNO_37·JJMeds·1752d6 reviews
First time ordering from JJMeds, 6th MoM order in total. Been wanting to try their blood diamond and black diamond, but always sold out. They gave me 2g of Blood Bubba as gift though! Thanks JJMeds.

Packaging was simple, no box, discreet bags and vacuum sealed inside a bubble wrap envelope ...
RYNO_37·ChronicByMail·1777d6 reviews
Second order from ChronicByMail, and 4th MoM order in total.
This time, I didn’t get a pre-rolled or any stickers/freebies, just a zip bag inside a vacuum sealed, inside a small brown box. But, not a big deal.

Didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never heard of this strain. I opene...
RYNO_37·ChronicByMail·1782d6 reviews
***The title is wrong, I got these at 120/oz not 150!***

Was very skeptical on ordering at first because of the sale price, and at the time I’ve already ordered with another MoM.

I made a thread asking about them and nobody knew who they were. A couple people placed orders after ...
RYNO_37·BCMedichronic·1782d6 reviews
Honestly, a little underwhelmed and disappointed with this Oz. But for 165, I guess it was kinda worth it.

I only got it because of the sale price, and the famous renowned Gorilla Glue #4 strain.

Looks nice and frosty, but very fluffy and a bit leafy. Not as potent as I expected an...
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·1801d6 reviews
I’m biased towards sativas but I vaped a little bit of it and it tasted delicious. Smooth thick vapour and lasted a couple more draws than the average bud on the Extreme Q and Mighty.

Definitely gonna hit the bong with it or roll one up later :D
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