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February 4, 2024


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Small to mid(mostly small) but hard nugz like rock.perfect cured and trim.frosty,some dark shades.smell pungent ,sour,tropical fruit Taste something special,typical mac1,sweet,sour.burn so good slow,greassy ring,white ash,thick smoke ,full terps Hit me ,perfect hybrid start with headrush then body ...
Some dark green olive buds with shades of black,nice orange hair.cured and trim are goood.trichomes are there

Smell an explosion of fruit,remind me slurricane that it made with purple punch.cherry hints.candy,sweet

Taste smooth into a spliff burn white,cherry,earth,sweet
Mostly small buds but sticky with trichomes on it.some foxtail buds.alot of purple shades.

Lineage:do si dos/ purple punch

Cant stop sniffin into my tasty,fruit punch,real sugared,typical slurricane.its like you want to eat it.

Perfect any time of the day.put ...
Buy 14g arrived in 4 huge nugs

Lineage:face mint/biscotti/sherbert

Hard to busted into grinder,sticky weed,frosty,nice bag appeal

Smell sweet,minty(color and sticky like kalifa mint).real pleasure in terps.i can taste the biscotti and sherbert . Burn real slow ,white...
Visual is normal and typical Pink kush look.some shades of purple but i was expecting more trichomes. Dark olive green nugz.not dry but not ” greasy”

Smell dank,pungent, gassy Taste floral,earthy, kushy Smoking into à spliff is giving some White ash but not thick and no oil ring...
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Bag appeal is ok but for me its AAA but rated AAAA. Trichomes are there with some shades of purple. Cured is ok not sticky but not dry.little leafly

Smell: like humidity in a basement, woody, dank,musique,gas but gas like few years ago.i like indica gas but this one is not m'y favorit...
Single-Competition29·JJMeds·325d48 reviews
Bliss cannabis infused gummies are 120mg eac but seem to be réady to separeted in 4.not used to comment gummies but i can say in mi imo that i take one at all and feel goood.more like à sativa buzz still fonctionnal with à buzz that came and go.make me smoke less spliff.they came in few flavors.4...
Single-Competition29·JJMeds·335d48 reviews
Bag appeal is so so.i mean they rated AAAA but definetly AAA .little bit leafly.not dry but not sticky at all.not a lot of trichomes.

Smell dank,pungent, gassy but kind of old gas.hard to explain.

Taste into à spliff is earthy, kushy but burn fast (no resin)clean ash and not...
Beautiful bag appeal,ligt green foxtail buds.exotic look.nice cured,sticky weed

Smell like floral,minty

Taste earthy, mint,little bit of gas or some thing strong on the exhale

Burn good into à spliff,White ash,burn slow

Good in the evening ,put me high,...
Mid-large size buds.frosty of trichomes, some purple shades. Sticky on your fingers.perfect trim was the more expensive 110$ an oz and just see it and you known why. Smell so sweet,mapple syrup with background of kush or cookies.something strong. Taste into à spliff is sweet ,unique,and loud...
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