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March 11, 2019


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WeedSmeller585·Weedbay·2295d32 reviews
Labelled as AAA but its probably a bit too leafy for that. Still a good smoke and decent value after tax. However Im disappointed with the shatter I ordered, $35/g+tax and its black. If anyone wants pics ill post on request. Nice thing is they do have a 10% off code for first time customers.
WeedSmeller585·Sweedy·2302d32 reviews
Finally got around to posting this strain. Great shit, really strong value even at regular price. Super dank just lots of trim.
WeedSmeller585·Sweedy·2315d32 reviews
This was actually a replacement for an order of Star Master Kush in which I found a moldy nug. I forgot to take pictures of the star Master Kush (again!) but it was actually very good for 115 and I think Im gonna order it again, though I was hoping to judge it better by the replacement I was expecti...
WeedSmeller585·BCMedichronic·2315d32 reviews
Funny story with this one.

I actually bought this in the thanksgiving sale and there was something off to it. Had a bad smell on half of the bag (ammonia/catpiss), I contacted customer support and I was able to make a return with a representative in Montreal. What a time. Needless to ...
WeedSmeller585·Sweedy·2322d32 reviews
Goooooood shit. I think I’ve hit my peak. I’ve managed to consistently find cheaper and cheaper weed (of very decent quality). Sweedy’s free shipping option over $80 for Ontario and $15off coupon brought the total to $85/oz, shipped. I used to pay 90 for a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the craziest t...
WeedSmeller585·Sweedy·2322d32 reviews
Got this 1g sample along with my ounce of Redwood. This stuff is intense, looks just like the pictures. Strong smell, sticky, and obviously hits very hard. Also got a sample of Star Master Kush which I was unimpressed with considering how much better the Tahoe looks and how much cheaper the redwood ...
WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·2335d32 reviews
Very leafy but still packed with crystals. Smell is good. Buds were bigger than the purple candy but still a decent amount of shake. Burn surprisingly well with white ash. Well worth the price.
WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·2335d32 reviews
Pretty good stuff, aptly rated aa-aaa this stuff is decently strong but comes will a lot of shake and small nugs. Its a bit dry (what can you expect at this price), burns ok, but ash is grey. Well worth the price.
WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·2339d32 reviews
This is the first time I’ve ever bought shatter and I dont even have a dab rig yet so I can’t exactly comment on the quality but it looks nice. Thinking of trying it in an arizer solo until the rig arrives in another week or 2 from dhgate.
WeedSmeller585·WeedSmart·2345d32 reviews
Came as a sample with my order of 2oz plat OG. Pretty strong AAA indica comparable to the platinum OG but burns nicer. Bit of a sweeter smell to it, nice white ash. Also the nug they sent me was pretty big so thanks Weedsmart!
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