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August 26, 2023


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alchiimiiste·KronicKush·237d20 reviews
*Keynote* Small dense nugs that I can describe it's like a bullet to the head. Has a bit of peppery smell but it wasn't it strong point. Feel like only cerebral buzz and it feels great.

*Smoking preference* Smoked through bong and it run straight to the head.

alchiimiiste·KronicKush·237d20 reviews
*Keynote* Smooth and tasty smoke that's a mixture of earthy and banana. It gives a decent high and the effects felt in between sativa and indica.

*Smoking preference* Tried through Dynavap & joints.

*Overall Experience* It's alright. Could buy full as a safe option...
alchiimiiste·KronicKush·238d20 reviews
*Key note* It's sweet and a bit fruity like watermelon gum. It can fall a bit short due to the short length of the high. You might want to keep smoking after 3-5 hours or so to keep the high up.

*Smoking preference* Joints - Zig Zag + Raws

*Overall Experience* I guess ...
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·289d20 reviews
*Keynote* It's very strong on the indica side however the high doesn't have the consistency. Sometimes I would get too baked to walk around and sometimes I just don't feel much.

*Smoking preference* I tried a bong and some joints. It's slightly gassy but my joints lack ...
Trending #7
·289d20 reviews
*Keynote* It has some sort of sour earthy tone and a lingering low buzz that last really long. It's indica dominant but didn't make me sleepy since the effects are minimum.

*Smoking preference* Dynavap and joint. It's quite smooth as a joint.

*Overall Experien...
alchiimiiste·HerbApproach·373d20 reviews
*Key note* It's really cheesy and fruit. Smooth smoke and it relives the headache/migraine I frequently get from the high light situations. I can enjoy the sun without it piercing my brain from sensitivity.

*Smoking preference* Super good in my Dynavap as it bring out the creamy bl...
alchiimiiste·HerbApproach·373d20 reviews
*Key note* I would describe this one like a tropical fruit basket. It didn't have the sharp citrus smell but rather a more earthy and sweet like mango or pineapple.

*Smoking preference* I rolled a couple of joint but nothing make me enjoy this one more than a bong or vaporizer as ...
alchiimiiste·HerbApproach·458d20 reviews
*Key note* Hybrid that gives a really mixed and balanced feeling. Not sure if this is indica or sativa but the high was very head heavy. Made me feel slightly euphoric and uplifted but really good head buzz effect.

*Smoking preference* Dynavap was my first experience and then moved on...
alchiimiiste·HerbApproach·458d20 reviews
*Key note* Sweet hybrid that probably towards the indica side but no heavy body effect. I enjoyed this strain to roll joints for parties or to vape at home

*Smoking preference* Dynavap and joint. Better in Dynavap but almost everything is. Got really nice strong vapour coming off of t...
alchiimiiste·HerbApproach·533d20 reviews
*Key note* I like this strain a lot since it give my world a little more brightness. It opens up the positivity tap.

*Smoking preference* Dynavap IH is really good match with the strain Dosido. Since it busts out really nice and has a lot of kief, i can get about 3 sessions before the ...
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