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December 26, 2021


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colerpop·BulkWeedInbox·284d12 reviews
Shit was serious stank couldn’t get a good pic was in light couldn’t use my flash, I rid it in a day hp
colerpop·CheapWeed·1269d12 reviews
Bag appeal: 10/10 caked in crystal as you can see there is so much my expensive ass camera can’t even focus on it, nugs are completely purple throughout most purple I’ve ever had in a strain I’ve recieved.. love it

Smell: 3/10 Smells like fresh hay on first opening, however upon crac...
colerpop·CheapWeed·1284d12 reviews
Almost Completely purple bud strong hints of blueberry, very dank bud caked in crystal and sticky.. not much more to be said 10/10
colerpop·CheapWeed·1294d12 reviews
Smells exactly like Chewie peach candy, one of my favorite candies of all time, the smell is incredibly loud, will get back with a SMOKE REPORT
colerpop·CheapWeed·1294d12 reviews
Some really good buds, very smooth purpley bong loads that will have your throat tasting like purple and have you feeling high as shit.. some popcorn, mostly big to medium nugs.
colerpop·CheapWeed·1294d12 reviews
As always upon opening the bag the whole room reeks of fat nuken smell is extremely loud
colerpop·CheapWeed·1294d12 reviews
Some dank looking nugs pretty frosty, will get back with a SMOKE REPORT
colerpop·CheapWeed·1294d12 reviews
Haven’t tried this one yet, will update soon, the second best nugs I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like Holy fuck
colerpop·OkanaganGreen·1315d12 reviews
Very small to large buds, amazing smell, amazing bag appeal, snow white ash and was given an extra 10 grams of shake so this was an amazing deal in my books and I’d like to thank okg for the super fast shipping and the good deal
colerpop·CheapWeed·1328d12 reviews
Very nice looking nugs lots of good purple very small nugs however
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