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August 2, 2022


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frosty204·JerCanna·64d25 reviews
This strain is a great day time smoke. I got this 8th free with a large order from Jer. I rolled this up into a few joints for the long weekend and took it to the lake. What a perfect strain for daytime. Nice lemony/citrusy Terps. White ash. Super sticky buds covered in trichomes. 9/10
frosty204·JerCanna·80d25 reviews
This strain is really nice for daytime smoking. At first glance the buds are absolutely caked in trichomes. The smell and taste are something unique that I can't exactly put my finger on. The only gripe I have with this strain is it is a little bit wet. Could have dried out a tiny bit longer. St...
frosty204·JerCanna·95d25 reviews
This strain packs a huge punch. This is an LSO strain by Quad Zaza. Doesn't have much bag appeal, but boy oh boy does she hit every other mark. Great smell, taste and buzz. Creamy white ashes. Smoking this strain too early will induce an afternoon nap. This was my first time ordering here and I ...
frosty204·NFCanna·148d25 reviews
This one is straight potent, that's an OZ right there, just dank and dummy thicc, big gas nose and white creamy ash.
frosty204·NFCanna·475d25 reviews
Great smoke. I can't put my finger on the Terps, to me it has a hint of pastry in the after taste. The buzz is strong and clean. Nature's fire always delivers ? extracts.
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·528d25 reviews
This stuff is super sticky, dense and a heavy woody kush scent to the nose. One of the most potent indicas I've smoked in awhile, more potent than any craft I've been smoking lately, and a steal of a deal when grabbing wholesale. I've ordered another HP of this stuff it's so damn goo...
frosty204·ezweedonline·848d25 reviews
Tight dense nugs, caked in trychs. This strain screams sativa with a pungent citrus smell, but left me with a nice heady body high. Most definitely one of my favorite strains from these guys so far.
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