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November 11, 2022


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pretty happy wit this one at carlys. it really is quite a banger from begin to end. looks great for the most part, fully caked, looks like it was grown well. it feels pretty fresh still. the nose n flavour is quite like a minty kush sweet grape. the high was really nice too if i can ask for anything...
huskcals3867·GetKush·53d14 reviews
my picture is so bad, but actually this one actually looks better, it has nice dense tight buds wich i like and trimmed quite well. it hits quite hard too strong indica feelin. only thing i would say is the price is quite high. good quality stuff but i am a bit hesitant to try again for the pricin...
2oz special with carly

very amazing deal it was 180 for 4 different strains 14g each. i also got to use a coupon n points so value is top notch on this one. i got carlys pink, greasy runtz, candy land, and cookies n chem. all of them were decent especially for the price.

huskcals3867·KushStation·138d14 reviews
sorry i cannot edit my title but its actually pink goo. i love some good pink strains and thot i would give it a try they rated it at aaa+ and i thot it was probably pretty good. it was abou 105oz which was pretty decent for what i received. nice buds, a few smaller ones that were leafier but in gen...
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·179d14 reviews
mmmm... nice sweet creamy n kushy one here. smoke well, a bit ruff at first, but then hit you with medium to medium hi potency farily quick. overall it is pretty good and i would get it again. been happy with what carly has been offering recently, she says there is a lot more exotic stuff comin so ...
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·216d14 reviews
this gmo cookies is pretty fire. this one went for 170 for the zip. for that price on sale it was pretty dam nice for wat it is. bag appeal was nice and buds were quite good to look at, and the potecny was pretty high as well. i would ask for more of the the flavors of gmo to come out, but it still...
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·219d14 reviews
got this tropicana cookies from carlys, n it was reallly great. 15% off for the 420 sale came out to about 178 for the zip. i really like orange terps n it did really come thru on the smoke. u can even smell it wen u open the bag too. all the buds were quite nice it was a nice darker colour n some n...
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·271d14 reviews
nice buds, sweet floral flavour, the name lavander really hits it rite. overall it was pretty good, smooth on the inhale, got some nice ash too. pretty good job at carlys. 9/10
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·342d14 reviews

relly nice pink strain. one of the best for the price probably. very happy with carly products so far. i love the sweet flavor and that bit of gas. looks pretty decent too
huskcals3867·Carly's Garden·384d14 reviews
this is 4 of 4 of my aaaa sampler pack from carlys garden. i will have to say that i had an amazing weekend with 4 different strains to smoke and the vareity is awsome.

this one may be my favourite out of all 4. it is potent, and caked out, looks amazing. the smoke was killer smooth and ...
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