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May 4, 2023


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This was the last part of my 420 purchase. They have a mix and match deal which worked out to 10 0.5ml cartridges for $100 which was a great deal imo.

Usally save the smoking of these for before bed. If I use during the day screws up my tolerance and another joints will get me high due to...
Got this for 220/QP so can't complain. Definitely ratted right at AAA. 100% grown with PGR, crazy dense buds with a weak terp %. Has a more earthy nose. Breaks up great and burns a wee bit on the dark side. Not much of a taste

Been a while since I've used WP and this is just a re...
3rd oz of the mix QP

Love me some PBB so seeing this in the menu, I had to grab it. Buds came out small with a couple bigger ones I busted for my test joint. Buds although small still have a decent bag appeal with a abundance of trichomes. Nice and desne with a great moisture level, bust...
Got this for $70/oz. Such a steal.

Nice dense buds covered in trichomes. A little dry but that's most stuff from them. Burns great in a joint with a decent oil ring.

Aroma is pure cookies/cake. Taste just as it smells.

These guys are always dropping so e kille...
First off this is a steal at $59.00 for the oz. Ended up getting 2 and I'm glad I did. Was a little dry for my liking but nothing crazy. Threw in a RAW hydration stone for 2hrs and it was perfect. Also a little stemmy but for the price can't complain.

The smoke is a nice and smoo...
These guys are always a one of a few go to for my smalls. Usally a great selection but they go pretty quick. Was hoping for the Cookies and Cream but all gone by the time I pulled the trigger.

None the less this was the other strain I was debating over. Have never tried Yoda OG so wasn&#...
jamesbretthayes420·OnlyGas·322d10 reviews
So I picked these up which I'm super glad I did to make it to the free shipping threshold along side a Lemon OG which I was very unimpressed. Smoked a few seeds and went digging and found a few more. Sounds retards on here think I broke open $100+ seed packs ( I'm trying to sell lol) just to...
jamesbretthayes420·OnlyGas·325d10 reviews
Ouch, was this the smalls? Did you contact them about it? I’m curious since I’ve been getting the smalls lately but haven’t had to deal with their customer service yet so wondering how they’ll handle it.
jamesbretthayes420·Budem·346d10 reviews
Another steller purchase from Bud Empire. Took longer to get here but that's cause of that damn strom on Christmas Eve.

Got another mix QP, loved the Purple Punch so order 2 ozs of that, trying this Purple Gushers and Apple Fritter/ MAC.

This has a very similar scent then ...
jamesbretthayes420·Budem·365d10 reviews
This was the 2nd of the 4 oz on the mix QP LSO AAAA smalls. Slurricane was the first strain I ever grew and have loved it e we since.

This is your classis Slurricane you've come to except. Nice light green nig with some bright orange hairs and a blanket of crystals. Desne to semi den...
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