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August 3, 2017


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llIIIIl·TheChrono·2543d8 reviews
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llIIIIl·TheChrono·2550d8 reviews
Very impressed with the quality and smell of the bud. The effect is immense and very little product is required to feel it. Seriously, it hits like a train! They also sent me samples which was great. They sent me a half-gram of Lemon Gelato and holy crap, it smells so much of lemons!!

Now f...
llIIIIl·GodBud·2552d8 reviews
First photo - White widow

Second photo - left to right: White Widow, God Bud and Purple God

Third photo - left to right: God Bud, Purple God, White Widow

Fourth photo - God Bud

Credit: /u/bearhug-digital in /r/CanadianMOMs
llIIIIl·GreenSociety·2566d8 reviews
To try out Green Society’s hash, I bought 1 gram of the Bubble Hash (pictured here) and 3.5 grams of the [OG Hash](

Both of them were underwhelming, but this was the bette...
llIIIIl·GreenSociety·2567d8 reviews
Lower than I expected too :(

I need to smoke more than I thought to really get a buzz on. It smokes really nice and tastes fine though. For the price, I’d expect a little more potency

Oh well
llIIIIl·Double O Cannabis·2568d8 reviews
Sorry, I meant to give photos credits but it slipped my mind. I will add them now!!
llIIIIl·Double O Cannabis·2568d8 reviews
Photo credits: /u/NotMe_25 in /r/Canadients

Link to product:
llIIIIl·Osuka Extracts·2568d8 reviews
Photo credit: /u/blairtruck who posted this on Shatterday in /r/Canadients.

Here is Osuka Extracts’ website:

You have to contract them directly for the prices.
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