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GodBud is a safe and reliable online dispensary that offers a great variety of premium products including AAAA buds, shatter, live resin, vape pens, organic edibles and top grade CBD.
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Stonerscotian·GodBud·737d402 reviews

God Bud Flower with Punch Breath Live Resin - - September 2021

Coming in a white plastic dub tub with a quite the eye catchy sticker and a proper labeling saying what flower and concentrate was used to make it. There was a pre roll Raw cone inside, not being to tight or to lose.

It smoked perfectly and was pretty tasty. There was a nice fruity taste...
bos420·GodBud·769d643 reviews

God Bud * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain - God Bud (Hawaii x Purple Skunk)

Vistual/Texture - medium sized, spade shaped bud, quite the give once squeezed with its spongy texture. Sharing its freshness with equal crisp outer layer density, holding its sticky resinous layer within. Olive coloring through most of the structu...
azhorashore·GodBud·934d14 reviews

God bud (cyro) - natures fire - March 2021

God bud breed by JOTI

Grown in house by NF

Cured using the cryo/freeze dried method


Honestly what you see is after me picking it off the stems. Now I do actually like my bud on the stem, but only if I still get (X)g of flower still. This was 7g to try ...
SebQc77·GodBud·972d101 reviews

God Bud - EastCoastEmeralds - End of January 2021

Note: Free sample

Quality: 7.75/10

Value: N/A

This lineage is known to produce massive colas and this is a perfect example with a very dense fat nug weighting almost 5g with scattered leaves here and there mostly on the base and between the cola pieces. Dreary pale g...
Stonerscotian1·GodBud·978d93 reviews

God Bud - East Coast Emeralds - January 2021

These gorgeous heavily frosted buds are called God bud. These buds are almost rock hard with the slightest spongeyness to them. Seemingly hand trimmed to almost near perfection and the cure is perfect. Buds are ranging from medium to large size. The aroma is of a pungent sweet tropical earthyness....
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