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GodBud is a safe and reliable online dispensary that offers a great variety of premium products including AAAA buds, shatter, live resin, vape pens, organic edibles and top grade CBD.
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captcrunch·GodBud·1478d120 reviews

Purple Haze Shatter - GodBud - Sept 2019

My fav of the 2 shatters I got from GodBud, both by Coast Concentrates. Nice sativa high. Fruity nose/smell.
captcrunch·GodBud·1478d120 reviews

Fairyhi Brownie (250mg THC) - GodBud - Sept 2019

This brand of brownies isn’t the best looker, but holy fuck is it potent. Ate half the brownie (pictured, around 125mg) and, got high af for 6 hours then slept like a rock.
captcrunch·GodBud·1478d120 reviews

THC Distillate Cartridge 'Pina Colada' - GodBud - Sept 2019

Classic distillate taste. Nice high & barely has any smell makes getting high at uni really easy.
captcrunch·GodBud·1478d120 reviews

Caramelo - GodBud - Sept 2019

Nice sativa strain. Doesn’t actually smell/taste like caramel, has more of a spicy nose/taste. Clearheaded energetic high.
LeBim666·GodBud·1504d142 reviews

Green crack god buds - MGS - 2019 august

Wanted something not too strong or too heavy indica and keeping the head clear. This is a good one. Compact nug. Small to medium, super frosty and good humidity.
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