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GodBud is a safe and reliable online dispensary that offers a great variety of premium products including AAAA buds, shatter, live resin, vape pens, organic edibles and top grade CBD.
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Stonerscotian·GodBud·979d402 reviews

God Bud - East Coast Emeralds - January 2021

These gorgeous heavily frosted buds are called God bud. These buds are almost rock hard with the slightest spongeyness to them. Seemingly hand trimmed to almost near perfection and the cure is perfect. Buds are ranging from medium to large size. The aroma is of a pungent sweet tropical earthyness....
MCDaddy75·GodBud·1161d160 reviews

BC God Bud - Nature's Fire - July

BC God Bud from Nature’s Fire
BC God Bud Final Pic small 1.png

Visual: There was one big bud and one medium sized bud. There was lots of sparkly crystal, but it was more of the tight compact crystal. It was a steady medium army green colour and there were lots of patches of brown...
MistaMOE18·GodBud·1309d33 reviews

Pineapple GodBud / LPB / Late Feb

Pineapple GodBud Sample

Taste: Pineapple, sweet, with almost earthy O.G undertones

Smell: Pineapple and sweet

Looks: A few sugar leaves, absolutely caked, and very colourful. This was very sticky and very dense

I was one of the individuals that received a sample...
cannadatrees·GodBud·1334d196 reviews

Pineapple godbud - LPB - Feb/20

Medium sized buds, perfect humidity, pretty good trim, very sticky. Smells sweet, fruity and earthy.

Burns light gray/white. The smell translates well into a sweet earthy smoke.

Eyes get droopy quickly, and relaxation settles over the body. Nice euphoric rush with a mood boost. F...
Dshe595·GodBud·1361d9 reviews

Carly's Garden // God Bud // Jan 2020

First time trying Carly and I am stoked for the new MOM. Got this part of a deal she had going on and I would’ve been glad paying full price for a full oz. Highly potent, vapes good but amazingly good in a backwood.

10/10 for value

8/10 for quality (10/10 for AAA though)
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