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GodBud is a safe and reliable online dispensary that offers a great variety of premium products including AAAA buds, shatter, live resin, vape pens, organic edibles and top grade CBD.
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Dshe595·GodBud·1652d9 reviews

Carly's Garden // God Bud // Jan 2020

First time trying Carly and I am stoked for the new MOM. Got this part of a deal she had going on and I would’ve been glad paying full price for a full oz. Highly potent, vapes good but amazingly good in a backwood.

10/10 for value

8/10 for quality (10/10 for AAA though)
emuwee·GodBud·1657d1 review

God Bud // Carly's Garden // Jan 2020

I’ve wanted to order something from Carly’s for awhile now and the Boxing Day deal was wayyy too nice not to jump at.

Anyway, I honestly can’t decide whether I love this or the Pink Kush more. Super breezy, euphoric kinda high. Ideal if you have literally nothing to do, because wow t...
KefkaTheInvesta·GodBud·1665d11 reviews

Cannabis kings review GODBUD
Strain Name:


Strain Fide...
idle-mind88·GodBud·1750d58 reviews


Strains: Watermelon-  When i opened the bad i was hit with a lovely aroma of pungent citrus and some underlying sweetness.  The buds had a solid carpet of amber looking trichomes covering them.  The light green leaves appear puffy and vibrant while there is an abundance of red hairs sprouting ou...
idle-mind88·GodBud·1756d58 reviews

Sour Dubb/GodBud/Sept

MoM- GodBud

Shipping/packaging- Shipping took 3 days from BC-ON which is normal for my delivery times.  The buds came in a small bubble mailer with a black scent resistant package inside that was sealed but not vac sealed.  Inside this was the 3 packages of bud fully sealed on all 4 ...
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