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April 2, 2021


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azhorashore··983d14 reviews
Future (GG4 x starfighter F2) by healinghands I got the jar but it's $180 an oz

Absolutely coated in trichromes, beautifully still intact too. Great example of frosty buds, reminded me of UPs GG4 when I opened the jar. Smokes very heavy, like harsh but without coughing heavy. White to...
azhorashore··983d14 reviews
Got this too, buds are dense as fuck but havent tried it yet, how is it?
azhorashore·NFCanna·1003d14 reviews
Grown by NF collective (NB) Priced $125 per ounce

Beautifully grown, this came to me in all large nugs, with a few exceptionally large ones. Very pungent scent exactly like traditional SD a diesel, musky, smell with hints of pine and citrus particularly orange. Nice yellowish green colori...
azhorashore·GodBud·1003d14 reviews
God bud breed by JOTI

Grown in house by NF

Cured using the cryo/freeze dried method


Honestly what you see is after me picking it off the stems. Now I do actually like my bud on the stem, but only if I still get (X)g of flower still. This was 7g to try ...
azhorashore·NFCanna·1003d14 reviews
azhorashore·CoastalWildfire·1043d14 reviews
This one's actually just as beautiful as yesterday's but the camera didn't translate well. Sorry guys but full review will be updated later.

Definitely can recommend this one. Grower is local to NS so maritimers can enjoy undamaged craft! Trichromes were fully intact yay.
azhorashore·CoastalWildfire·1044d14 reviews
This stuff is great, I'll update a review later today as I'm still trying to hone the terp profile down.
azhorashore·GhostDrops·1188d14 reviews
I’ll have a review up shortly just trying to figure out how to upload better and multiple images.
azhorashore·LowPriceBud·1193d14 reviews
# Bag Appeal
- **appearance** Not to bad, obviously nothing jumps out at you like a good quad would but the nuts are mostly large.

- **smell** not much of a nose on this one. Mostly just peppery with the tiniest hint of ’hay.’

# smoke
- **taste** flavor is ni...
azhorashore·CoastalWildfire·1235d14 reviews
I’m going to smoke a bit more before I put the review up, but in short I wouldn’t recommend this. There looks to be better ICC floating around like the true craft cannabis one.
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