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November 18, 2021


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marsol0x·TogoWeed·322d11 reviews
Quality 8.5/10 // Value 9.5/10

One of the best $99oz I have had in a while (anni sale). Strong nose and flavour of creamy sweet gas. Fairly potent, checks all the marks. Awesome value on this budget strain.
marsol0x·TogoWeed·322d11 reviews
Quality: 9.5/10 // Value: 8.5/10

I am in LOVE with this strain. I saw a few pics of it around and was really thinking about it, but after their anniversary sale I decided to grab some. Yes - it meets all my expectations. It looks CRAZY and amazing. It taste great plus I find it quite stro...
marsol0x·TogoWeed·425d11 reviews
Quality: 9/10 // Value: 8.5/10

Need to start off by saying I really wanted to the Acai Mints bag. Got the 'Tired' Gelatti bag and thought it was so neat. Gonna tape it to my sticker wall.

This strain was really nice to look at - decent sized buds, fully covered in ice. ...
marsol0x·TogoWeed·734d11 reviews
Quality: 9.5 // Value: 8/10

Super high quality, beautiful, tasty, great burn, potent, a bit dry and a bit smalls.

Pretty much everything is perfect on this except for the fact that it’s a bit dry on the outside and there were a few small nugs.

It has a gelato nose cross...
marsol0x·TogoWeed·850d11 reviews
It’s a reeeally pretty looking strain that also smokes really good with a strong potency. There is a very boring smell and flavour though, but the taste isn’t bad, just not much of a taste.

Couch-locking high for sure
marsol0x·Carly's Garden·987d11 reviews
Beautiful looking cornbread with a corn bread smell to it. Doesn’t smell potent but it smokes really well and better than I was expecting. Potency is in the mid range with a nice body feeling. It feels really clean and lungs seem to take it easy.

Value: 8/10 - Priced at 180/oz. A bit on ...
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