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February 7, 2020


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sitbar·NFCanna·1624d4 reviews
only tried a small dab so far but the smell is an intense fruity/ sweet smell. The flavor was kind of muted unfortunately but a hint of some fruity terps was still present. The high was definitely a creeper indica high and didn’t really give any couch lock, just made my lazy, slightly disappointin...
sitbar·Sunset BC·1723d4 reviews
Opening the lid blew my nose off, extremely dank and gassy. Had a small dab to try it out and it hit hard as fuck.

Came in a nice baller jar with a sheet between lid and product so none goes to waste, really nice touch as I had a couple dabs worth that woulda gone to waste
sitbar·JJMeds·2071d4 reviews
Had a bit late night and was a solid 7, put it in a jar with a boveda earlier today so can’t wait to try it out tomorrow when it’s hydrated. Got me real baked.
sitbar·First Class Medicinal·2108d4 reviews
Yes! Sorry I’ve been saving it but will update when I smoke it
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