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October 31, 2021


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somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1237d22 reviews
High grade aid Demon breath

I find the new ratings everyone uses , rediculous ( AAAA+'s AAAAA's.etc) .. A Quads a quad.

Anyway. In regards to this, I would say this hits all boxes for a quad.
Smell : Smells like a hardcore meat breath. Meaty, kushy, ga...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1237d22 reviews
Viridesco - Black Berry Cream - Cherry Oil

Wanted an alternative to distiliate, as I was after a more full spectrum experience.
Ordered the Black Berry cream Cherry oil/rso, and been filling my vape Carts with it.

Taste : Subjective, as im vaping it, but very clean taste,...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1248d22 reviews
Greasy Pink Highgradeaid

Bag appeal, nice medium size nugs, some pop corn, but over all average, medium boulder shaped nugs. Tight looking, frosty and caked

Smell : The typical pink smell we have grown to love here in Toronto and the GTA ( all the bagged pinks ...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1259d22 reviews
New to the cart experience, decided to try Highgrade aids more higher end vapes.

Viridesco Papaya Punch
Very flavourful, almost sweet, not so much papaya tasting , but has that very clean extract taste
Effect: Very potent, only need like 1 hit to be stoned, 2 -3 to be good for ...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1276d22 reviews
Hindu Bubba

Rated as high trip, hindu bubba comes in stinking of skunk, with hints of coffee and kush. Very typical Hindu nose ( lesser bubba smelling), the sweet skunk smelling.

Bag appeal, Nice tight nugs, well trimmed, tight nugs

somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1279d22 reviews
Highgrade Aid Death Chocolate Mouse

Was forunate to try this , BUT was very lucky to try it for the sale pricing

Shipping: Under 24 hours from BC to Ontario, ( OUTside of the GTA too). ordered 12 pm, came at 11 am next day

somefuckwho·WeedPosters·1428d22 reviews
I got it as a sample luckily

Ok so I’ve been smoking it all night and have to say it’s heavy. I’m hyped up on monster and coffee , so I’m not passing out, but I feel like if I lay down I will.
Smell upon opening the bag, salami/ steak spice. Smell upon breaking it up, like a r...
somefuckwho·WeedPosters·1436d22 reviews
Weed Posters

Pink OG: Very Nice bag appeal; dark purple,dark green. Smell ; Vanilla Skunky/Gassy. Very typical/great Pink Nose. Taste: Smell translates very well to the taste. Very flavourful.Potency; 8/10 . Nice initial hybrid euphoric rush/high at the beginning, slowly transitioning to a ...
somefuckwho·WeedPosters·1449d22 reviews
Weed Posters. Quality 9/10. Value 9/10

Sweet and Gassy , great Bud structure and incredible stickyness. Leans more on the ice cream cake side with the sweet gassy taste, and heavy fast indica effects. Overall great buy
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·1552d22 reviews
Great bag appeal, nice nugs, 3g, 4g . smallest is liike a gram. Sticky/super fresh. Nose is a little lacking ( but that smells like just a lack of cure)... But great for the $.
Strong indica high, I dont smoke joints so cant judge ash, but good for the listing price.
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