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October 13, 2018


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sranjesuper·Weed-Deals·1884d18 reviews
A week ago I made a bad post thinking that WD stole my money because they didn’t send my package and were ignoring me for whatever reason for like 4 days . Anyway my package finally came and the stuff was real good so I decided to order again from them. This time I got wine gum and some other stuf...
sranjesuper·KushStation·1980d18 reviews
This is a very amazing gassy strong Indica. Very Potent and smells and taste so amazing!
sranjesuper·HillSidePharms·1980d18 reviews
This stuff is amazing, smells unreal ! I just wanna open the bag and smell it, it’s so addicting lol. It’s not a gassy, bubba smell, it’s more skunky and sweet, more platinum than bubba i would say. Smokes amazing and its potent! Straight Quad.
sranjesuper·HillSidePharms·1980d18 reviews
This stuff is rock hard and beautiful to look at . Smells candyish and also taste like candies! I find it’s pretty potent too, very hybridish you can feel it in your eyes pretty good. Pleasent smoke in the daytime and even evening! I usually smoke kushes but this easily satisfies me because it smo...
sranjesuper·Weed-Deals·2014d18 reviews
This stuff is straight quads . Looks , smell, taste, and potency are just perfect. Some of the best pink I had for sure .
sranjesuper·OkanaganGreen·2027d18 reviews
Got another QP of cookies again. This is a new batch. Awesome smell when opening up the bag , definately stronger smell and taste than before. Buds were all sticky and fresh and no shakes. Buds were anywhere from 0.5 to 2g on average with a few bigger and smaller ones. Mostly over the 1.5g mark tho...
sranjesuper·FireTHC·2059d18 reviews
First time ordering from FireTHC. Ordered 2 ounces of this to try out and boy was i glad i did!

The nug in the video is 5.5G and most nugs received were over 2G. Amazing trim job, super dense, sticky, reeks of Kush and potent as hell! Looks like they ran out of this strain and boy am i gla...
sranjesuper·OkanaganGreen·2061d18 reviews
This the stuff i was looking for. Nice Sticky gassy nugs that taste like gasoline and berries on exhale. Smooth white ash, not as couchlock as i thought it would be, more hybrid but a nice smoke. Smell is not as strong as the taste but still there. 9/10
sranjesuper·OkanaganGreen·2096d18 reviews
Split QP for $520 after shipping of this and BC Rockstar. Mostly Big nugs around 2G and over, round nugs, hard and dense. Smell is very earthy and weed like, hard to describe. Nothing fancy though. It smokes very well, it tickles your throat like its potent and smooth. Def hybrid effect, a potent sm...
sranjesuper·OkanaganGreen·2096d18 reviews
Split QP for $500 + 20 shipping of this and Gods Green Crack.

A few 5 G nugs and mostly over 1G . The strain is not really what i wanted, but i suppose they substituted this one for the Gorilla Glue that i wanted for whatever reason. They threw in an extra 4 G or so. With that said, its a g...
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