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March 13, 2019


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The hype is real. First order from these guys, got a split oz of Romulan and Death Bubba. Was hoping they’d each come in one jar but whatever. Can safely say they’ll be my new go to. Great customer service, fast response and delivery. Price can’t be beat.

Have only tried the Romulan ...
v_city23·GrassChief·1698d7 reviews
Grabbed 2ozs of death Bubba, 1oz of lemon jack and 1 oz of Durban poison. Bonus 4g was blueberry skunk which I’m most impressed with nose wise. Haven’t had a chance to smoke any of them but happy with all of them. Death Bubba trim job is a little leafy but it’s still a dense, sticky nug so no ...
v_city23·GrassChief·1779d7 reviews
Picked up 2 ounces of this. Most are medium size nugs that are nicely caked and sticky. Find the smoke to be a tad harsh but potency is there. Would absolutely order this again for the price.
v_city23·GrassChief·1780d7 reviews
My first, definitely not last order from GC. Got this as a free 4g sample with my 2 zips of OG Chemo which I haven’t dabbled in yet. Currently listed as AAAA at $209/zip.

Im not going to attempt to describe the flavors or smell, but they are delicious. Nugs are nice and dense, lots of tri...
v_city23·WeedMailed·1795d7 reviews
My pictures aren’t the best but these are pretty nice little nugs. Haven’t been able to smoke it yet but it opening the package, as soon as I opened the vac seal I got a nice whiff of Nuken, smells nice and fresh and the nugs pretty tight and dense.

As far as the MoM goes, the sign up w...
v_city23·Hybrid Fast·1809d7 reviews
Ordered 2 ounces of purple Kush from hybrid fast. 1 was the $50 reddit special and then I paid $99 for the other. $150 for 2 zips and I’m pretty stoked with the quality for price. Has a pretty dank Kush smell and a decent amount of trichs. Buds are smaller and a touch dry, but zero complaints for ...
v_city23·KushStation·1819d7 reviews
First order from CE and impressed with this rosin. Quite a bit softer than some squish rosin I got but this stuff is very terpy and tasty. Would definitely order again.
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