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Our Mission is pretty simple. Great variety of products, reasonable pricing and sell only what we like. Specializing in BC Grown Premium Craft Cannabis.
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DPearcey·BCWeedExpress·712d115 reviews

Critique - BCWeedExpress - Oct 2020

This is a strain I haven’t had the pleasure of trying very many times. I thought these were some cute little nugs. These nugs had a forest green appearance mixed with some lighter hues of green and orange pistils. The trim was unfortunately quite rough with most of the nugs still covered in sugar ...
tcb420·BCWeedExpress·717d29 reviews

Bcweedexpress.com Cookie Dough

Shipping: came in a little white box with vacuum sealed mylar bags inside. Passed the package smell test lol. Order was processed and shipped same day on a Friday, package arrived on Monday. Bc to Bc.https://i.imgur.com/m1H9kpl.jpg
Bag Appeal: this has amazing bag appeal, the kind that you show ...
506SK·BCWeedExpress·731d95 reviews

Bcweedexpress.com - Cheetah Piss - Oct2020

Part of my 1st order with these guys ..

CHEETAH PISS has great bag appeal , serious diesel smell and aroma . Light color green and lots of Crystal’s, nice dense , tight buds , all small to med size .. pretty good potency with a eyes closed, head high .. nice smoke for eveni...
506SK·BCWeedExpress·734d95 reviews

BCweedexpress.com - IceCream Jelly Quad - Oct 2020

- New Mom Alert - As everyone knows , I love trying new MOMs/sites .. And these guys didnt disappoint.. I order a mix half ounce with some extracts . Tried this stuff 1st, and wow , knockout stuff for sure .. great bag appeal , fruity smell , lots of crystals , med size buds , and pot...
Bigpapiortiz34·BCWeedExpress·1636d26 reviews

BC Weed Express - Various products - April 2018

BC Weed Express

Flower strains:

Blue Dream
God’s Green Crack
Lemon Kush
Love Potion
UBC Chemo
White Cheese

Rosin strain:
Death Bubba
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