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Our Mission is pretty simple. Great variety of products, reasonable pricing and sell only what we like. Specializing in BC Grown Premium Craft Cannabis.
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DPearcey·BCWeedExpress·711d115 reviews

Papaya Punch - BCWeedExpress - Oct 2020

I have only tried this strain a handful of times and it’s been so long since the last. The nugs I received had a solid green appearance with a hint of purple inside some of the them, and light orange pistils covering the buds. The trim was unfortunately very sloppy that had lots little sugar leave...
Stonerscotian1·BCWeedExpress·711d88 reviews

Blueberry Hash - Bcweedexpress.com - October 2020

Came neatly folded in a piece of parchment paper, the hash was in a the form of a small round patty with a strong scent of blueberry admiting from it.

Burned nicely and had a mostly white ash. Tasted like a blue toaster strudel. Smoke was a tad harsh but moderately potent and tasty.
Stonerscotian1·BCWeedExpress·711d88 reviews

Fruity Pebbles - Bcweedexpress.com - October 2020

Gorgeously purple hued throughout the buds. Trimmed very well and cured well. Has a moderate sweet scent admiting from these gorgeous buds. Tasted and burned decent.

Medium potentcy balanced hybrid. After I smoked a joint, I felt a spacey head high followed up by a moderate laziness .
Stonerscotian·BCWeedExpress·711d360 reviews

El Jefe - Bcweedexpress.com - October 2020

Gorgeously caked nugs ranging from small to medium in size. Cured perfect and trimmed decent. Aroma that admitted from opening my jar was of a dank pungnent gassiness with earthy undernotes.

It burned very slow and clean with a grease ring accuring right away whilst smoked in a joint. Tast...
Stonerscotian·BCWeedExpress·711d360 reviews

Cookie Dough - Bcweedexpress.com - October 2020

Pretty dense medium sized chucky buds. Trimmed to perfection and cured near perfect. Has a light green color and is just beatifuly caked.

Smells of loud vanilla like doughyness. Taste sweet like a kickass doughy cookie and I did taste a bit of mint. Burns slow and whiteish greyish ash while...
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