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Our Mission is pretty simple. Great variety of products, reasonable pricing and sell only what we like. Specializing in BC Grown Premium Craft Cannabis.
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milo902·BCWeedExpress·235d160 reviews

Ghost Cake-Bcweedexpress-April

Ghost Cake Grade: AAAA+ Price: $185 Company: Bc Weed Express Website: bcweedexpress

Incredible smelling and decent looking herb at first sight! Sticky,moist,tight,spongy small/medium sized buds. Mostly lime green with hints of dark forest green bleeding throughout. Covered in small thi...
DPearcey·BCWeedExpress·754d12 reviews

BCWeedExpress Review - October 2020

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The package was shipped from B.C. using Xpresspost and took 3 days to arrive. Everything was vacuum sealed inside a square little white box that was taped completely shut with a shipping label applied to the box. The str...
Stonerscotian·BCWeedExpress·761d369 reviews

BCWE Authentic Pink Kush Diamonds - - October 2020

Upon opening the jar I was hit with a strong dank pungnent pink smell from this beatiful light gold colored diamonds. Left my mouth covered in pungnent pink taste. Consistency is like big greasy salt chucks.

High to very high potentcy concentrate. This hits hard, left me knocked out. Value...
DPearcey·BCWeedExpress·762d115 reviews

Death Bubba - BCWeedExpress - Oct 2020

I really enjoy death bubba and it’s personally one of my favourite Indica dominant hybrids. These beautiful little buds had a Forrest green appearance with hues of purple coming through on some of the buds and orange hairs covering them. These nuggets were quite sticky with milky little trichomes ...
Stonerscotian1·BCWeedExpress·762d91 reviews

Dank Schrader - - October 2020

Has a beatiful yellow honey color. Upon opening the jar I recieved a smell of sweet piney earthyness. Texture is of very fine greasy sand. Taste of pungnent sweet earthyness.

High potentcy indica dominate concerate. Left me blitzed. Vauled at 40 a g from Sky High Extracts.

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