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NF_D00M·KanaPost·1507d15 reviews

'Endokana 1:1 CBD/THC tincture 300mg; 30mL', by Kana Post

EndoKana 1:1 300mg CBD/THC tincture; 30mL bottle

(MCT oil, THC distillate, CBD isolate)

source: Kana Post


Woke up feeling low energy and fatigue, decided to give this tincture a shot. Took about 6 drops of this tincture under tongue, let it absorb fo...
Cufcko·KanaPost·1511d37 reviews

Endokana 1:1 CBD/THC Tincture - Kanapost - July 2019

What a great tool to have in the arsenal. This 1:1 THC CBD tincture, with an MCT oil base, it’s clear and smells mildly herbal and floral, with a light clean herb taste. The taste and smell are very mild, and hardly noticeable when used in recipes, but adds a nice herbal flavour when used in coffe...
redeye1988·KanaPost·1511d1 review

Blue sherbert/kana post

Most definitely is!!!! And at 135 an oz definitely worth it
Thechronickid00·KanaPost·1512d130 reviews

Kanapost Review - August 2019

**MoM/Retailer Name**



Very quick 2 day shipping that reached me in Toronto from Vancouver in 2 days. Shipped within a sturdy plastic container that was vacuum sealed twice and protected all the contents inside. Also no smell whatsoever.

thechronickid_00·KanaPost·1512d1233 reviews

Mystic Sour Keys, 150mg/Pack - Kanapost - August 2019

May be the best tasting edible gummies I’ve had. Really good sour key flavour that do a good job of masking the taste of THC. The whole pack basis 150mg of THC and had 6 keys in total averaging about 25mg THC per candy. Gave me a nice and bubbly high with slight body effects. Seem to be more poten...
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