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HypeInFaMous·KanaPost·1127d227 reviews

Lime Soda - Kanapost - August

Bud was at decent moisture and fluffy. Smelled exactly like it tastes being different than alot of strains ive had almost a citrus herbal taste. Can see how it can tie to ’lime soda’. It burned salt and pepper but wasnt harsh at all. Pretty potent giving a nice buzz. Very relaxed in the mind and...
HypeInFaMous·KanaPost·1141d227 reviews

Blue Cheese - Kanapost - August

Bud didnt come dry . Had a light earthy smell with small hint of cheese. Was an enjoyable smoke being pretty smooth and having a taste I enjoyed similar to the nose but a bit sweeter imo. Burned grey ash. Had a nice relaxing buzz that wasnt overpowering and at the same time you felt alert. Seems mor...
HypeInFaMous·KanaPost·1143d227 reviews

Blue Gum - Kanapost - August

Didnt have the best trim. Had a light sweet bubble gum sort of smell which was nice even though it wasnt the strongest smell. Taste wasnt really similar to the nose. More of a fumy gassy taste. Burned darkish grey and was a bit harsh. Gave a decently potent buzz of relaxation. Just feeling pretty me...
HypeInFaMous·KanaPost·1144d227 reviews

Alien OG - Kanapost - August

Had a earthy/pine smell and taste with hint of citrus. Burned salt and pepper although wasnt really harsh. Wasnt a bad moisture. Gave a sativa dom hybrid buzz for me. Feeling very uplifted yet relaxed in the body and mind. Functional buzz.
HypeInFaMous·KanaPost·1145d227 reviews

Golden Cobra - Kanapost - August

Really enjoyed this strain. Had a sweet citrus sort of taste and smell (very terpy). Very smooth and burned light grey. Left a nice oil ring when smoked in a joint. Buzz was pretty upbeat and would be a good for someone wanting a functional buzz or something that would be good to socialize while sti...
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