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marsol0x·KanaPost·399d11 reviews

Death Bubba // Kana Post // August

thechronickid_00·KanaPost·434d1236 reviews

Baklava - Kana Post - July 2021


Can't say I've ever tried this strain but it's definitely not an easy one to read up on. I'm split right down the middle as some sources say Kosher Kush x Gelato 41 and some say Wedding Cake x Gelato. Two things are for certain, the buds are gorgeous and there is G...
thechronickid_00·KanaPost·436d1236 reviews

Lindsay OG - Kana Post - July 2021

These small, evenly sized nuggets arrived feeling dense and very sticky to the touch, exhibiting a dark forest green appearance accompanied by stubby orange hairs and milky white trichomes. Trimmed fairly well with a great cure to follow.

Not the most pungent of Lindsay's but pleasant...
thechronickid_00·KanaPost·436d1236 reviews

Tuna Kush - Kana Post - July 2021

This Tuna Kush is comprised of dense, sticky, small to medium sized buds with a slightly larfy appearance from it's loose trim but stripping away the extra foliage helps reveal it's good side. A mix of light and forest greens with the slightest touches of purple throughout accompanied by a d...
bos420·KanaPost·446d549 reviews

Zig Zag Hash * Kana Post * July

Strain - Zig Zag Hash

Texture/Visual - an entire quarter made up of a variation of sizes, having a darker brown, almost blackened hue, and still sporting gold from the stamped seal on the initial brick. Fairly dense, not able to reform due to it being slightly dry which made it super easy...
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