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bos420·KanaPost·452d549 reviews

Grape Candy * Kana Post * July

Strain - Grape Candy (White Lemon x Purple Pantera)

Visual/Texture - completely stunning looking , made of a few smaller sized nugs. Completely frosted over by a thick layer of snow white trichomes, underneath this juicy cloak of triches appears slight hue of emerald green, and noteable v...
bos420·KanaPost·456d549 reviews

Biscotti * Kana Post * July

Strain - Biscotti (Gelato 25 x Girl Scout Cookies x South Florida OG)

Visual/Texture - darker olive green colored buds, featuring some deep purple undertones, with an abundance of bright fire orange pistils shooting off the surface, and covered in a milky trichome shield over the entire s...
marsol0x·KanaPost·477d11 reviews

Moby Dick // Kana Post // June

xmohandar·KanaPost·1120d1 review

Pinneaple express - Kanapost- September

The taste was okay, burns great and great head high, cant complain for the price.
kronicstrains·KanaPost·1124d1 review

huge disappointment (kana post)

purple rockstar from kana post worst weed i ever smoked. it was a bag of mixed shit every bud was different. i smoke a 1/4 to myself got nothing but a head ache.
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