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berzenkeiok·KanaPost·6d3 reviews

KanaPost Bubba September 2022

Was looking around and saw this caked strain covered in crystals.. I've been having a good experience with quads recently and couldn't resist. Good sweet smoke with nice ash. High left me couch-locked so be careful. Decent price right now with the sale.

Overall 9/10
preeol·KanaPost·63d6 reviews

Tangie - Kanapost - July

Bought a QP of this since it seemed like a really good deal. Tangie is a really good cross for Tangerine Dream. The citrus taste is so strong. I love this for the taste. This is more sativa leaning so it gives good energy to power through anything. Super cerebral and the comedown gave me really dry...
preeol·KanaPost·239d6 reviews

Pineapple Express - Kana Post - Early February 2022

I love Pineapple Express so I have to try one whenever I see it. Sticky with tropical fruit smell & taste. The smoke is a bit harsh on the throat when I first tried but my friend said it’s alright so I’m sure it will be good when I try the rest of this batch. Euphoric and really happy high so th...
preeol·KanaPost·239d6 reviews

White Weeding - Kana Post - Early February 2022

Buds are not super sticky but I do have a great time breaking this apart. Dank and super sweet vanilla smell (very wedding cake alike) with a hint of coffee. Maybe it’s just me but the high does lean toward Indica rather than a balanced hybrid. It does last long so it’s alright.
preeol·KanaPost·239d6 reviews

Grease Monkey – Kana Post - Early February 2022

I got this one along with two other strains. Dense, rounded, and pretty sticky bud. The smell is earthy with a faint of sweet vanilla. Cozy Indica high that will give you a wonderful sleep so its a good strain for nighttime.
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