September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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April 18, 2022




captcrunch·MMJExpress·1720d120 reviews
Classic GDP - mixture of green and purple leaves, strong indica effects. A soft grape/fruity nose and taste.
captcrunch·MMJExpress·1720d120 reviews
Nice dense nugs. A classic Indica... Has a herbal / spicy nose and strong couch lock effect.

Smoked a bowl last night in my Plenty vape and slept like a baby
captcrunch·MMJExpress·1720d120 reviews
Sorry for the slightly orangy pic! This one was decent, not my favourite out of the batch but good. It’s supposed to be a new strain bred from Trainwreck. Nice hybrid effects.
captcrunch·MMJExpress·1720d120 reviews
Another classic strain and one of my favourite strains of all time. I believe it’s categorized as hybrid, but I found this specific OG Kush to lean towards the Indica end of the spectrum.

Herbal nose / taste. Good trim job and lots of kief.
captcrunch·MMJExpress·1720d120 reviews
First time trying this strain (LSD). Was supposed to be a sativa, but I found the effects to be a hybrid. Still had a nice clear headed high. Herbal nose and taste / with some pine.
captcrunch·LowPriceBud·1749d120 reviews
Just an iPhone X!! Nothin fancy
captcrunch·SaveOnDoobs·1752d120 reviews
Herbal aroma, slight hint of citrus. Similar herbal taste on inhale. Hybrid effects. Pretty good overall, probably my fav strain from them
captcrunch·SaveOnDoobs·1752d120 reviews
Extremely strong citrusy aroma which I love, like the smell is overwhelming when opening the bag. Sativa/hybrid effects, chill clear-headed high.
captcrunch·SaveOnDoobs·1752d120 reviews
This one packs a punch. Took a single bong rip and was knocked on my ass. Strong indica effects, slept like a baby afterwards. I know what you’re thinking and no that’s definitely not mold, just the knots in the plant matter.
captcrunch·SaveOnDoobs·1752d120 reviews
First trying hearing about / trying this train. It’s supposed to be a cross between Jack Herer and another strain, so I had high hopes for it. Nice strong sativa high, has a fruity aroma and taste.
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