September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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April 18, 2022




captcrunch·Phatnug·2426d120 reviews
Haven’t tried it yet. I’ll get back to you later!

It smells really great. It’s sitting next to me right now and there’s a strong scent through a sealed bag. Seems like potent stuff.
captcrunch·Phatnug·2426d120 reviews
That little nug at the top left was SO kiefy.
captcrunch·Phatnug·2426d120 reviews
Always wanted to try this strain, very impressed so far. Smells so strong. Nice colour, slight hints of purple. Very kiefy.
captcrunch·Supreme Canna·2428d120 reviews
Some of the nicest budget bud in this price range (it’s $115/oz) that I’ve ever smoked. So worth it
captcrunch·Supreme Canna·2430d120 reviews
Tried it earlier, and honestly it is amazing for the price. you would pay $150-160 for the same quality elsewhere. I’d rate the bud as AAA. It has a fruity scent, smokes smooth and burns white, with a nice clear sativa high. It isn’t the most potent, but it definitely packs a punch and for the p...
captcrunch·GanjaGrams·2432d120 reviews
A nice surprise. Haven’t smoked it yet. Planning on smoking it later on an evening walk with my wife. I’ll edit this comment later with my opinion of it!
captcrunch·GanjaGrams·2432d120 reviews
Direct link to the item:

Wow, just wow. Some of the best weed I’ve smoked in a while. Really packs a punch and smells amazing.

The nugs are well trimmed, VERY dense, and full of kief. Just a small bowl got my stoned off my ass. 1...
captcrunch·The Herb Connect·2448d120 reviews
The title doesn’t account for the coupon/discount though.

It was only really worth it because of the 50$ off coupon they had. I got 14grams of Purple Grizzly and a 5gram sample pack for a total of $110.
captcrunch·Stress Free Delivery·2474d120 reviews
Tagging /u/Supabongwong! You’re getting this notification because you won the August MOMpics contest. PM me with ANY square image and I will make it your user image flair ;)

For ideas, look at the image flair chosen by /u/StonerSteve64 when he won the July contest.
captcrunch·TheChrono·2479d120 reviews
Loved these!!! Got 2 bags of them as a free sample with my order ($200+), plus glass tips and papes (which amounts to 40$+ of free stuff, I was amazed). TheChrono is great.
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