September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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April 18, 2022




captcrunch·Pure Releaf·2446d120 reviews
This one I haven’t tried yet, but it’s suuuuper kiefy. Will report back later.
captcrunch·Pure Releaf·2446d120 reviews
My favourite of the 4 strains I received from PureReleaf. Firstly, the trim job is amazing and the nugs are very aesthetically pleasing. They are crispy to the touch and reasonably kiefy. Packed a strong indica buzz for me.

If somebody could correct the white/yellow levels on this pic, that...
captcrunch·Pure Releaf·2446d120 reviews
Very nice dense nugs. Advertised as a indica-dominant hybrid (and it looks like one too with the dark green leaves) but I got a sativa buzz off it. Nice relaxing cerebral high.
captcrunch·Get Cannabis Online·2447d120 reviews
The Blue Cheese has a strong cheesy smell, combined with a less obvious fruity scent. It’s definitely a looker, very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with it’s light green colours and nice trim job. Smokes clean and crumbles well. Packs a nice indica high that puts you to sleep.
captcrunch·Get Cannabis Online·2449d120 reviews
It smoked very clean, nice white ash. Smells and tastes earthy, and packs a nice strong indica buzz.
captcrunch·THC Delivery·2450d120 reviews
I took two about 30 mins ago. I’ll let you know
captcrunch·BCMedichronic·2450d120 reviews
Truly amazing stuff for the price. Love it
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·2452d120 reviews
Shoutout to

Nice clear-headed high. This strain is a cross between Quantum Kush & Girl Scout Cookies. I love GSC so I thought I’d give it a shot! Very impressed!! The high was upbeat, energetic and happy. I didn’t even feel lazy or h...
captcrunch·THC Delivery·2452d120 reviews
Yup, one piece per bag with 80mg. Basically, it was one lego piece with 8 of the circles (2 of which are visible in the photo). Each ’circle’ counts as a piece. The whole candy could be cut into 8 separate pieces, 10mg each.

My wife took 60mg (3/4 of the bar) and woke up high this morni...
This stuff is amazing, reminds me of the Nebula I had in college. VERY frosty. Well-cured & well-trimmed, and smokes smooth.
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