September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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April 18, 2022




captcrunch·CannaMobile·2393d120 reviews
Very dense nugs that give off a very sweet, herbal smell. Smoked one bowl and it made me take a nap. Nice bedtime kush.
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·2419d120 reviews
Very impressed with Maritime Dispensary (the MOM) and East Coast Collective (extractor).

The clarity when held up to a light is amazing ... reminds me of some light honey. Flavor profile is citrusy and smokes smooth
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·2420d120 reviews
Tastes amazing and potent af. Good stuff.
captcrunch·BudBox·2434d120 reviews
I know, I know, it’s a novelty. It’s been said. Either way, it was amazing. Got me so stoned
captcrunch·GreenSociety·2435d120 reviews
Sorry typo!!!

Yup this is **not** 150 per oz it’s per half-oz

Pricey stuff but it’s fire.
captcrunch·Cheebas·2435d120 reviews
Really great, fruity sativa. Love it! It’s PACKED with kief and well-cured, but it could be trimmed a little better.

The burn is extremely smooth (as in, not harsh at all) and burns clean white ash. Highly recommend it for sativa lovers, but it is a little pricey.
captcrunch·SeshCannabis·2435d120 reviews

If you couldn’t tell from my photo, this stuff is incredibly frosty. Like, kief sticks all over my fingers just from touching it.

Very potent stuff, it provides a strong, very mellow sativa high. Smells quite fruity.
captcrunch·Wellevate·2435d120 reviews

This right here is truly a great looking strain. It’s a hybrid, but I felt more of a sativa effect from smoking it. Very nice, calming but upbeat buzz. This is the kinda strain you wanna smoke if you want to do some cleaning or some ho...
captcrunch·SeshCannabis·2435d120 reviews
The nugs are incredibly dense and have nice purple leaves.

It’s a heavy hitter, perfect for before bed. It had me falling asleep on my couch after just a few hits. It smells herby and floral.
captcrunch·Maritime Dispensary·2442d120 reviews
This stuff is seriously the best concentrate I have ever had. Everything about the flavour, smoothness of the smoke, potency and effect of the product were top notch. I can’t wait to order more. Holy fuck.

I was expecting myself to prefer the PHO due to the price difference but I ended up...
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