September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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April 18, 2022




captcrunch·Wellevate·2442d120 reviews
The trim job wasn’t perfect and the nugs were left a little leafy, but that’s okay as the smoke is fire. Smokes clean and leaves white ash, and provides a mellow Indica buzz. Recommend for the price.
captcrunch·Wellevate·2442d120 reviews
Dense, sticky, well-trimmed nugs.

Interesting scent/flavor: a sort of combination of earthy/floral and fruity/citrusy. Got me stoned as fuck and made me sleep like a rock!

Smokes clean, white ash!
captcrunch·Chronic Delivery·2442d120 reviews
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Okay, so I LOVE this one. Honestly, there’s isn’t much of a Mango smell or taste TBH, but it still smells very fruity. Provided a very strong sativa buzz from just a single bowl. The trimjob is perfect, n...
captcrunch·Chronic Delivery·2442d120 reviews
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Extremely high quality flower with beautiful purple leaves. One of the nicest/most exotic looking strains that I have had in a while. The smell is incredibly pungent.

I only tried one hit so far, but...
captcrunch·Wellevate·2442d120 reviews
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Amazing stuff. I’ve had the White Widow from B&F and this was definitely superior. Appearance was very nice, big thick nugs with a decent trim job. It smelled earth/herby and tasted similar during the smoke.

I l...
captcrunch·BudBox·2445d120 reviews
Only tried one bowl of this so far but it’s a very strong Indica. Great for anti-anxiety with it’s relaxing effects.
captcrunch·BudBox·2445d120 reviews
Loved this one. Clean sativa head high. Smelled fruity
captcrunch·GodBud·2445d120 reviews
This one’s a nice one. The buds are sticky AF but well-cured. Mostly light green leaves with slight hints of purple colour.

**Strain:** Organic BC God Bud from (Indica)

**Smell & Taste:** Earthy & herby. Slightly fruity smell. Very smooth.

captcrunch·Wellevate·2446d120 reviews
Haven’t given it a try yet. Will report back with thoughts later.
captcrunch·Wellevate·2446d120 reviews
This is my personal favourite strain. Before you start saying ’it doesn’t look that good tho’, please hear me out:

It’s the most unique smelling & tasting strain I’ve ever had.

It literally smells like fresh banana bread. It’s amazing. It isn’t the best looking we...
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