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August 11, 2020


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Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1216d11 reviews
Very much on the leafier side, trimmed quite a bit off only to see it’s not the worst quality by any means

Value: 9/10

Quality: 7.5/10

i’d say it’s comparable to some of the other more high end pinks they have, so no complaints, the small buds were definitely along t...
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·1265d11 reviews
Q 9

V 9.5

higher in value than most at the time, i ended up getting it for around 160 or so, reminded me mainly of LPB’s old quads before they jacked up their own pricing, so i was pretty happy at the time, also had picked up an eighth of shrooms, but i’m not sure if i can get ...
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1314d11 reviews


was definitely up there in potency, small buds(as expected with popcorn) but hard hitting for sure, i found them a bit harsher than the other strain i had picked up(the gibson gas, absolutely fantastic stuff) and generally not as nice a smoke, despite the similar price
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1322d11 reviews
value: 9.5

quality: 9


MUCH better of a budget ounce this time around, i had their TFPK and felt let down, figured i’d give this one another go as the price seemed right, was not disappointed at all

potency is very high for something at $125, bag app...
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1329d11 reviews
Value: 9 (140 OZ)

quality: 8.5

definitely noticeable stronger than a lot of their more budget listed ounces, has an earthy but muted taste, pretty solid bag appeal, id definitely say it was worth the pick up!
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1340d11 reviews
quality: 7.5

value: 9

not much of a nose, but a noticeable kush scent and taste, for me it reminds me a lot more of bubba kush than death bubba, bag appeal is definitely not the greatest, though i dont usually go for death bubba for a bag appeal, the bud structure is a bit scraggly...
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1397d11 reviews
quality 10

value 9


this was really a nice surprise, had a great taste and the high lasted longer than any of the other strains i’ve tried from them, overall good and i’d probably grab this one again if any of them
Iposssss·LowPriceBud·1423d11 reviews
fantastic indica, value is a 10/10 quality would be 9/10


sadly didn’t receive a sample gram of anything else so this is the only strain i can review, but it was a little harsher than i was expecting with all the comments on its smoothness, definitely a hard hitter th...
Iposssss·JJMeds·1429d11 reviews
quality: 9/10(bit of a massive amount of one strain, though no complaints as massive buds for that one)

value: 10/10, easily on par with their previous 99’s, and i feel like there’ll be a few surprises in store for me



hats off to jjm...
Iposssss·KronicKush·1553d11 reviews
This is on for $169 an oz, or $89 a half as well, most of my half was in a giant nug, so definitely not small buds on this,


overall rating is 8.5/10

smell: VERY strong nose on this, really nice surprise as well as most same day GTA delivery MOMs will give you ...
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