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March 31, 2021


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JoynerLucas420·Stash Box·984d18 reviews
Got it solely based on ‘Raps2k14’ review and I’m glad to say it’s worth it. Wanted to buy it from Craft Masons but no-till bill sold out in 1 minute ( Best thing to happen because SB prices are way more affordable)

Quality- 9/10 Potency- 9/10 Taste - 9.5/10
JoynerLucas420·NFCanna·1007d18 reviews
First time trying cyro-cured strains and it’s 8/10.

It smells ditto like cucumber. Taste isn’t bad either but the potency level is disappointing. One joint down and I didn’t feel anything.

Had to sober myself so I decided to take a shower. Rolled a second joint after show...
Did a wake and bake. Few drags into the joint and i was coughing my lungs out.

It smells amazing. After Tropicana Cookies and strawberry jelly, i am in love with strains that smell like fruits. King jagger does have a fruity taste.

Potency- 9/10 (Definitely not a wake and bake...
JoynerLucas420·BudMail·1018d18 reviews
This strain is so good to smell in the morning (the smell of berries❤️)

Perfect wake and bake strain(Tropicana cookies and Sophie’s Breath were stronger tho)

Potency- Happy high. (Considering it’s sativa, it’s not bad)

Quality- 9/10

Potency- 8.5/...
JoynerLucas420·Pink Llama·1022d18 reviews
As soon as i opened the bag (to smell the strain), i felt that i had oranges delivered. The Smell and taste is so good it’s definitely my favourite tasting strain till now.

Potency- Could have been more potent. Still a decent 8.5/10

Quality- 9/10

This, Sherbert & ...
Even though it smells and tastes better than Dairy Queen by CE, i found the latter to be more potent. Meat The Gelato was also more potent than this strain.

Quality- 9/10

Potency- 7/10
Did a wake and bake and now it’s my favourite morning strain. Fairly potent but the taste is amazing.

Smell - Extremely overpowering (similar to Bison breath)

Quality- 9/10 Potency- 8.5/10

Also, I still hate Canada Post.?

Also, I forgot to mention it’...
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