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July 10, 2019


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3rd time trying wappa, 2 from LPs and hsp’s just like the rest is fantastic! Great terpine profile very strong smell and the high is super potent and long lasting. Im a heavy daily smoker and I ripped my bong 2 hours ago and am still high as hell!

Overall very satisfied wi...
First time trying violator, shamrocks lives up to the hype about the aroma and taste! It has a strong smell that is a nice mix of wood chips, musk, and floral. Its great! Also the potency is there not a KO indica that 20% sativa on this strain seems just right. My brother hooked me up with this from...
Havnt actually tried it yet. I was way too excited about jager and got super stoned from that. Just had to post how unbelieveable the shape of this nug is. I thought the same thing it looks like ’the bird’ lol. The smell is not as strong as I would have thought. Will update as soon as I try it.
StillGonnaSendEr·KronicKush·1617d11 reviews
This is Green Crack x Candy Kush. It was listed as a AAAA. The smell is light citrus with a hint of sweetness, and maybe pine or usual usuall kush smell. The taste is extemely peppery suprising by the smell, it is smooth and the ash burns light grey almost white. The high is also on the weaker side ...
StillGonnaSendEr·Doob Dasher·1639d11 reviews
Alright so this was listed as an AAAA but at a budget cost, super skeptical I bought it anyways. Dasher has had some amazing AAAs I’ve tried. This is worse than the AAAs I have tried from them, and is barely better than the few AAs I have tried, sucks cause this is a perfect example of how this gr...
StillGonnaSendEr·JJMeds·1684d11 reviews
Budget oz. Smells like grass and hay. Wish I got screwhead lol
StillGonnaSendEr·JJMeds·1709d11 reviews
This is my favorite strain yet, not just from JJs. Such a unique smell citrus, spice, and maybe a bit of cedar or some fancy smelling wood. And the high is so clear and uplifting. Gave me a perma smile lol
StillGonnaSendEr·JJMeds·1709d11 reviews
It’s good just like the black tuna. Heavy head high.
StillGonnaSendEr·JJMeds·1739d11 reviews
Favorite strain so far from these guys. Crazy smell a bit earthy with dried berry, taste is similar to the nose, a little harsh but well worth if for the high. And look at those colours!
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