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January 21, 2023


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Stonerscotian1·KushStation·514d93 reviews
Rockstar has a loud subtle gassy musky like aroma admitting it. Quite caked out and very frosted in shimmering trichomes. Trimmed quite near perfectly and cured perfectly as well.

Upon smoking I tasted a pungnent musky gassy taste. Burned perfect in a joint, being even slow and continuo...
Stonerscotian1·OneTwoTreez·555d93 reviews
This flower is absolutely caked right out in trichomes. The buds have a quite dense compact structure. They are ranging in size to small to large. Manicured to complete perfection and and cured very well. Has a succelent aroma of sickly sweet fruity berries with a slight hints of earth.

This heavily caked out in trichomes flower is called Platinum Cookies, it has a milky purple green appearance. The buds are mainly medium sized while having a pretty well rock hard density. The trim is pretty well perfect and the cure is perfect. Has a pungent, subtle, creamy aroma with a hints of d...
Stonerscotian1·BCBudSupply·577d93 reviews
Dank, musky, sweet, foral and kushy goodness. Was a bit dry, but burned absolutely perfect in a joint. Slow burn and real nice lick smacking taste.

I found this to be a fairly high potency balanced hybrid. I immediately felt a heady high. The high was long lasting and very uplifting. I w...
Stonerscotian1·WTFCannabis·743d93 reviews
Having a splendid tart fruity aroma accompanied by hint of creamy citrus. Buds are on the small to medium size. There caked right out in rich trichomes. Manicured and cured fairly well.

Tasted like sweet fruit with a bit of citrus an spice mixed together. Very smooth and fulfilling smo...
Stonerscotian1·Hierba·750d93 reviews
Zookeeper has a decent manicure and an excellent cure job. Had dense, yellow and olive green buds. Busts up right easily with scrissors and is a perfect consistency for rolling. Smells of pungnent citrusy kush.

Tasted a crisp refreshing bit of orange citrus with a kushy flavour happening,...
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