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March 11, 2019


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WeedSmeller585·TogoWeed·1815d32 reviews
Lots of small nugs and stems but not much leaf. Has a musky, earthy smell to it thats not too overwhelming . Buds are dense and a bit dry but not too dry. Burns white though i found it a tad harsh. Produces a deep couchlocking indica high great for falling asleep. Quite strong for an AA strain, i as...
WeedSmeller585·TogoWeed·1832d32 reviews
Nice sweet woody smell to it though its not overpowering. Reminds me a lot of the batch I got recently from SkyHigh. Bit dry but not too dry, decent trim, very dense buds. I didn’t think it looked as nice as the black diamond #2 but it seems to get me even higher. Definitely a good buy if you’re...
WeedSmeller585·TogoWeed·1843d32 reviews
Despite getting the bottom of the bag smalls (at a $30. discount over email), this is still the most beautiful bud I’ve come across in a while. The flash doesn’t do justice to the deep purples. Theres a sweet, grapey smell to it though its not too strong, and its a little dry. Burns ok greyish w...
First time with SHE so I decided to go with a strain I tried not long ago from JJ. Overall, I’d say they’re about the same, quality wise. A little bigger nugs here but perhaps a bit dryer and definitely not as pungent. Also this nuken smells less sweet than others I’ve tried, its more earthy i...
WeedSmeller585·JJMeds·1870d32 reviews
They said small nugs but theres plenty of 1.5g+ buds in there. Has a bit of a fruity, minty nose to it. Very pungent. Buds are sticky and a bit airy. Quit happy with the potency and even the trim aint so bad.
WeedSmeller585·JJMeds·1899d32 reviews
Looks really leafy and a bit too dry but yeah its still sticky. Smells nice and kushy but not as strong as the Nuken I got a couple weeks ago. Nice indica buzz hit me a little harder than i meant to lol.
WeedSmeller585·JJMeds·1901d32 reviews
What a smell from this strain. My first time ordering JJ and I’m well impressed. Great weed, great price, thats a 10/10 for me. This Nuken reminded me exactly of the grasschief nuken but smaller nugs. Love the sweet fruity yet gassy nuken smell.
Too dry and not as potent as usual, this was a disappointing batch. Has that hay smell on arrival. Smells a bit better after leaving boveda packs but still very dry.

Fun story though, Canada post took 15 days to get the package to me and even delayed the pickup over the weekend withou...
WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·1976d32 reviews
Pretty disappointing since I was just warned in my last CK post about them sending mold/rot.
WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·1986d32 reviews
A bit fluffy and a tad harsh but gets the job done. Not liking this as much as the King Kush AA i got last time but its ok for the price.
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