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March 11, 2019


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Purple Punch has a deliciously sweet taste, with notes of berries and grapes being the first to inspire. The buds are really frosted with lots of amber trichomes. the bud Is not very dense and burns well, the smoke is smooth and white. Very effective for my back pain and a good couch lock.
likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1307d21 reviews
Buds very frosty and dense. smell of blueberry and grape. the taste is fruity with a light black liquorice and a spicy with a white smoke that burns well. powerful high, everything was perfect..
likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1308d21 reviews
Watermelon smells very sweet and burns well smoked smooth and white with an incredible taste. Powerful the buds are bright green and dense. More like a hybrid indica dominant Very relaxing with progressive sedation.

likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1311d21 reviews
The taste is sweet and earthy and the smoke is very sweet and burns well. The smells are amazing very strong and spicy, very good high balanced for the day and evening..
likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1321d21 reviews
AAA well cured, good taste, good smell, burn well. smoked smooth and white .. Really worth the investment..
likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1324d21 reviews
Awesome DEATH BUBBA AAAA from OKG.5 - It’s straight gas, and sticky, a solid high allows me to go wherever I want, Top quality and the price is great...
likeflower40·OkanaganGreen·1326d21 reviews
Very powerful effect to last a very long time. It is so sticky and manageable and has a good taste and a smooth, white smoke it is the hash that I smoked during my youth (finally) that I found. The best hash I’ve been smoking for a long time.
likeflower40·TheChronFather·1454d21 reviews
Bud of medium size dense and frosted. The smell is amazing like gas and pine. High is powerful with dominant Indica, very relaxing and makes my back pain disappear and helps me sleep deeply. Really satisfied with price and quality
likeflower40·GrassChief·1575d21 reviews
Powerful strain and the taste is very nice.
likeflower40·BCMedichronic·1576d21 reviews
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