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September 7, 2023


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mulu4a2w·HerbApproach·174d20 reviews
I finally finished this one yesterday. Overall it was decent and nugs are really sticky with good crystals. The smell only have a hint of cheese but it's quite a dank batch they got. The taste wasn't that crazy to talk about but the potent on this one really pack a punch. It's like keepi...
mulu4a2w·HerbApproach·183d20 reviews
Smell full of berries and cheese. It doesn't smell like cake or other type of strain that can taste like vanilla but rather a sweet berries taste masked with stinky cheese. It taste really pungent too however this is more of a sativa strain. It gives a clear head high along with rushes of energy...
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·232d20 reviews
Fruity and skunky smelling strain that has both small and big nugs to it. The aroma was pleasant for bit and it does translate well into the smoke. This batch does have plenty of trichomes and relatively fresh when it arrived. It said indica dominant but so far it's quite balanced for me and don...
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·233d20 reviews
mulu4a2w·TogoWeed·282d20 reviews
They could have trim a bit better on this one. Some small pop corn nugs but most of them are average in size. Quite dense and dusty as well. It has a bit of woody and fruity taste to it. It start off with an euphoric feeling on top of your head before settle down to a nice buzz. Average potency.
mulu4a2w·KushStation·302d20 reviews
Rockstar is an Indica dominant hybrid but it does start off with a cerebral buzz that left me with a bit of paranoia so I wouldn't suggest smoking too much at first. The high did climb quickly and simmer for a long time. Could be a bit rough on your throat for the pungent and harsh taste.
mulu4a2w·HerbApproach·371d20 reviews
This one smell is quite unique like coffee accompanied with fruity herbs. I found the taste to be the best thing about this one, kinda like a vanilla/nutty taste on your tongue. Most of the nugs will have a spear shape and coated in trichomes. Euphoric and blissful high that also make me really hun...
mulu4a2w·TFCannabis·432d20 reviews
Cherry Kush gave a very Cola like taste. Had a bit of a sharp tang at the tip of the tongue. I imagine this going very well with all sodas as it will sooth a bit of that terp tongue. Has a good kush flavour and hits pretty good. Smooth smoke and fruity dank taste.
mulu4a2w·OrderWeedOnline·468d20 reviews
This is a kush that always puts me out the first smoke of the day. I would definitely keep this as a bed time strain since i can barely keep my eyes open. I feel like the more your body is not used to this specific terp, the harder it slaps. I always seen Violator kush in concentrate form and I know...
mulu4a2w·HerbApproach·574d20 reviews
Visual: Big buds Caked all over. Really good bag appeal.

Texture: Pretty dense and busts out into a lot of weed from a small nug

Smell: Smell that is very minty and taste sweet

Effects: Strong flower that is really smooth but strong. This is a really good strai...
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