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jeff1bar·KronicKush·1740d26 reviews

Chronic Kush Co - Ice Cream - sample - Feb 2018

additional pics of samples received...

Review pending...
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1740d474 reviews

Critical Haze - Chronic Kush - $264 for 3 oz - February 2018

We are actualy in the process in changing these ’rules’.

Strain name and MOM name as well as the watermark will be allowed on future posts :)
WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·1740d32 reviews

Chronic Kush Samples

They sent me this a while ago but Ive been busy to pick up my flex delivery. So far I’ve only tried the Lemon Haze and I gotta say its pretty nice. Citrusy smell, nice potent high, well worth its price. As for the rest of the strains they all look really nice, especially the bubba. My sense of sme...
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1741d474 reviews

Hindu Kush - Chronic Kush - Buy two get one free $344 for 3 oz - February 2018

This Hindu Kush is dense and has a dark chocolate/ creamyhash smell with undertones of wood. I’ve always likes this strain for the heavy Indica high but also leaves you with a clear head high. It helps to relieve stress and slowly puts you to sleep. Solid strain and great representation of it; sol...
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1741d474 reviews

Gorilla Glue #4 - Chronic Kush - Buy two get one free $344 for 3 oz - February 2018

This GG4 is super dense and sticky! It smells like a pine forest with hints of gas; very pungent. It tastes similar but more pine/earth flavour. The high is major couch lock.. Goodluck doing anything after smoking this lol!

So far my favourites have been GG4, Trainwreck, Green Crack and H...
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