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Lemon-Skunk·KronicKush·1745d9 reviews

Chronic Kush Co - Purple Trainwreck (sample) reg172/oz

Seen it reviewed a lot on here, Purple trainwreck is actually a pretty decent smoke, very smooth and has the purple flavour (purple is more of a flavour than the colour of the bud, am I right?). High isn’t necessarily too strong, but a good smoke nonetheless. Ties for best strain I got (with gori...
Lemon-Skunk·KronicKush·1745d9 reviews

Chronic Kush Co - MK Ultra (sample) reg158/oz

Really enjoyed the high of this one, I don’t really smoke high CBD weed often and this one sure got me blitzed. First time I had it was a while after the lemon haze so I can’t really say if the haze effects added to that any or if was all the MK. Smoked it a second time,for anxiety (it helped) w...
Lemon-Skunk·KronicKush·1745d9 reviews

Chronic Kush Co - Black Diamond (sample) 172/oz

Definitely black diamond flavour and smell, more solid nugs than I have gotten ever before of this strain. I enjoyed the high, nothing couch-lock about it.
Lemon-Skunk·KronicKush·1745d9 reviews

Chronic Kush Co- Gorilla Glue #4 (sample) reg172/oz

This one was probably the nicest bud I got, coated with crystals but not too well trimmed; my opinion is it’s like getting weed off old guys, who leave it because why would you get rid of it if it looks so nice? I’ve never had this strain before but it seems like a very nice sample. Uplifting h...
Lemon-Skunk·KronicKush·1745d9 reviews

Chronic Kush Co - Lemon Haze - (sample) - reg97/oz

I picked this one because I like lemon weed (obviously), and mostly because it was the one offered for cheap on their website at the time. Taste was more of a haze, high was a hazy type high, not too strong, it lingered a while and my memory eluded me. Clean ash, didn’t crackle. I Didn’t reall...
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