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sranjesuper·KronicKush·1698d18 reviews

Bubba, ChronicKush, Feb 9 2018

Got this Bubba part of the sample pack. $215 for the OZ from www.chronickush.co

Dense frosty nugs that have a sweet piney bubba smell. Smokes pretty smooth with a potent high that’s good for watching movies and chilling out. Overall great bud for the price
RYNO_37·KronicKush·1698d6 reviews

Chronic Kush 5g mixed SAMPLER PACK - Feb 2018

I was contacted by Chronic Kush and they sent me 1g each of 5 different strains(Black Diamond, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Delight, Ice Cream, and GG#4) for their official opening at the end of the week(I believe).

I haven’t got a chance to try all the strains yet except the Hawaiian Delight whi...
sranjesuper·KronicKush·1699d18 reviews

Purple Trainwreck, ChronicKush, Feb 9, 2018

Got a sample pack from ChronicKush for their opening. They are opening this month i believe. The purple trainwreck goes for $172 an ounce. Good looking buds, it says its AAA but its very close to AAAA. Smells delicious! Has more of the trainwreck smell to me especially when you squeeze the bud. Ta...
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1700d474 reviews

Purple Trainwreck - Chronic Kush - February 2018

Chronic Kush will be opening of Feb 16 and provides same day delivery in the GTA. Free shipping over $250 and accepts COD (cash on delivery).

I was approached by Kat from Chronic Kush for a chance to try some of their product before the site launch. These pictures are of samples so my revi...
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