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LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·259d24 reviews

Alien Walker - Kronic Kush - Sep

It looks great in dark purple but some of them can be a bit fluffy and airy inside. The smoke was really good though and it was very tasty like sour fruit when you inhale and a sharp spiciness when you exhale. The earthy aroma will stick around the room for a while I didn't realize it at first s...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·259d24 reviews

Emerald OG - Kronic Kush - Sep

Light olive green nugs with a decent size and carry a good smell with it. It's like a strong pungent intertwined with floral citrus to create a good feeling kind of aroma. I feel quite heavy after smoking but the couchlock didn't last long. It's like a short-term numbness in your legs....
alchiimiiste·KronicKush·270d20 reviews

Panda Cookies * Kronic Kush * August 2023

*Keynote* Small dense nugs that I can describe it's like a bullet to the head. Has a bit of peppery smell but it wasn't it strong point. Feel like only cerebral buzz and it feels great.

*Smoking preference* Smoked through bong and it run straight to the head.

alchiimiiste·KronicKush·270d20 reviews

Tally Mon A * Kronic Kush * August 2023

*Keynote* Smooth and tasty smoke that's a mixture of earthy and banana. It gives a decent high and the effects felt in between sativa and indica.

*Smoking preference* Tried through Dynavap & joints.

*Overall Experience* It's alright. Could buy full as a safe option...
alchiimiiste·KronicKush·271d20 reviews

Cosmo Kush * Kronic Kush * August 2023

*Key note* It's sweet and a bit fruity like watermelon gum. It can fall a bit short due to the short length of the high. You might want to keep smoking after 3-5 hours or so to keep the high up.

*Smoking preference* Joints - Zig Zag + Raws

*Overall Experience* I guess ...
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