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pirob0·KronicKush·1613d4 reviews

ChronickushCo Budget Bud December 21

82 dollars for a budget bud aint bad at all came with delivery and they threw in some firechews on the house !! they are a go to mom and resolve any issue dont hesitate to get a GTA delivery to your door
fakesmile999·KronicKush·1622d7 reviews

Violator Kush - Chronic Kush Co - Dec 2019

Yeah. Got it about 2 weeks ago. Wanted to get more today and it’s sold out now. Where else has good violator kush?
Shamplo12·KronicKush·1695d1 review

Peanut Butter - Chronic Kush co

Tasted like peanut Butter too lol.
Iposssss·KronicKush·1716d11 reviews

Gelato - ChronickushCO - September 9 Hybrid 55/50 sativa

This is on for $169 an oz, or $89 a half as well, most of my half was in a giant nug, so definitely not small buds on this,


overall rating is 8.5/10

smell: VERY strong nose on this, really nice surprise as well as most same day GTA delivery MOMs will give you ...
DignityGonzo·KronicKush·1840d1 review

Black Diamond - ChronicKush Co - May

I think their budget is decent. Even this isn’t a quad only a trip, different than other black diamond I’ve had but was quite nice. Dark, good nose.
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