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pirob0·KronicKush·1654d4 reviews

Munched edibles Chronickushco

Had these just now different flavour which was nice individually and order another batch of that lemon Kush that proper bag for the low low
pirob0·KronicKush·1658d4 reviews

Lemon kush chronickushco

82 dollars is a decent price for this bud nugs are nice size
Meow69·KronicKush·1669d15 reviews

ChronicKushCo Review

MOM Name:ChronicKushCo

Overall rating out of 10:10

Sign Up:easy send them your ID before or after you order

Ordering & Pricing:really good pricing and ordering is easy

Communication:they are always very fast to respond and nice.

Packaging:box envelope and vacu...
MaxPower42887·KronicKush·1675d1 review

Annihilator Kush / ChronicKush Co / February 28th

Ah man, yeah it’s great.

So frosty inside but I wouldn’t say it got me annihilated to the point of not being able to function.

I’d say about 8 out of 10. I do smoke two ounces a month tho so my tolerance is pretty high.

I’m always impressed with ChronicKush Co t...
bluemoneyinc·KronicKush·1684d37 reviews

LD Distillate sour tangie chronickushco

It taste just like a Tangerine vaping this in a Sai ! Chronickushco alway got these bad boy in stock they surely are delicious leave less of mess then shatter !
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