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Meow69·KronicKush·1308d15 reviews

ChronicKushCo Review

MOM Name:ChronicKushCo

Overall rating out of 10:10

Sign Up:easy send them your ID before or after you order

Ordering & Pricing:really good pricing and ordering is easy

Communication:they are always very fast to respond and nice.

Packaging:box envelope and vacu...
MaxPower42887·KronicKush·1313d1 review

Annihilator Kush / ChronicKush Co / February 28th

Ah man, yeah it’s great.

So frosty inside but I wouldn’t say it got me annihilated to the point of not being able to function.

I’d say about 8 out of 10. I do smoke two ounces a month tho so my tolerance is pretty high.

I’m always impressed with ChronicKush Co t...
bluemoneyinc·KronicKush·1322d37 reviews

LD Distillate sour tangie chronickushco

It taste just like a Tangerine vaping this in a Sai ! Chronickushco alway got these bad boy in stock they surely are delicious leave less of mess then shatter !
Meow69·KronicKush·1324d15 reviews

ChronicKushCo Review

MOM Name:ChronicKushCo

Overall rating out of 10:9

Sign Up:Easy email them your ID before ordering or after you order

Ordering & Pricing:once again they always have really competitive pricing and the ordering is easy.

Communication:probably the most responsive and quic...
bluemoneyinc·KronicKush·1326d37 reviews

Chronickushco Master Og

Chronickushco GTA delivery got me hooked ! Holiday and all they come thru I’m about place another order for the grapefruit see what it about . Master og had proper nugs nice color to it weren’t dry for the price it’s a hitter I would say !
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