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Cosmofelt·KronicKush·456d4 reviews

Banana Haze - Kronic Kush - June 2022

hipertim·KronicKush·494d22 reviews

Mandalorian - Kronic Kush - May 2022

Earthy with a hint of berry. Peppery finish notes. After ripping a good bong toke of this one I feel the tingles in my head and coursing through out my body. This one is a creeper. The cherry notes really hit the spot. On these fresh spring days, I am enjoying a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of be...
hipertim·KronicKush·494d22 reviews

Double Dream - Kronic Kush - May 2022

This flower did not wow me for flavour but but boy did it smoke. the buds were very small but they were all for the most part, full like the one seen in the picture. Smoked a little on the harsher side but for that good of a deal, I couldn't complain. I am fairly sure a vape would do nicely with...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·678d24 reviews

Sour Bubble - Kronic Kush - November 2021

Really amazing indica strain. Has a really great fruity and sweet smell with a gassy hint. Crazy potent as well, I'm guessing upwards of 25% THC.
MarTweFah·KronicKush·1095d2 reviews

Silver Kush - KronicKush received August 24th, 2020

Silver Kush rated at AAAA+. I got 1/2 ounce.

Visual: Great flower to look at with many crystals and large nugs.

Nose: Had a citrus scent with a hint of earth.

Cut/Roll/Grind: The flower was just right and not too dry or moist, and grounded up without issue.

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