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Shamplo12·KronicKush·1102d1 review

Peanut Butter - Chronic Kush co

Tasted like peanut Butter too lol.
Iposssss·KronicKush·1122d11 reviews

Gelato - ChronickushCO - September 9 Hybrid 55/50 sativa

This is on for $169 an oz, or $89 a half as well, most of my half was in a giant nug, so definitely not small buds on this,


overall rating is 8.5/10

smell: VERY strong nose on this, really nice surprise as well as most same day GTA delivery MOMs will give you ...
DignityGonzo·KronicKush·1247d1 review

Black Diamond - ChronicKush Co - May

I think their budget is decent. Even this isn’t a quad only a trip, different than other black diamond I’ve had but was quite nice. Dark, good nose.
somefuckwho·KronicKush·1250d22 reviews

Purple Kush(Budget bud)-Chronic Kush co-4/20

Rosin made from the bud

3gs in .70 out. Not bad at all. Hair straightener /body weight tech.
StillGonnaSendEr·KronicKush·1256d11 reviews

Green Candy - ChronicKushCo - April '19

This is Green Crack x Candy Kush. It was listed as a AAAA. The smell is light citrus with a hint of sweetness, and maybe pine or usual usuall kush smell. The taste is extemely peppery suprising by the smell, it is smooth and the ash burns light grey almost white. The high is also on the weaker side ...
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