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Scarab138·KronicKush·1746d14 reviews

Hindu Kush, sample, Chronic Kush, Feb. 15th, 2018.

I love Hindu Kush as well. Honestly, all I’ve done so far is unpacked the samples. I have gotten into the habit of unpacking and putting everything in jars with Boveda packs for at least a week before I try them. This is my little ritual. It looks good and it smells good. I will let you know how i...
Youlookcold·KronicKush·1748d2 reviews

Hawaiian Delight -

Not as dry as the other sample. Smell is earthy yet sweet. Burns with a light grey ash. Not super coated. Lovely taste!

High is decent but for a quad I was left wanting more.
Bigpapiortiz34·KronicKush·1748d26 reviews


StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1749d474 reviews

Ice Cream - ChronicKush - February 2018

Really nice and smooth it tastes like vanilla ice cream in a vape and sweet/earthy when smoked.
Youlookcold·KronicKush·1749d2 reviews

Lemon Haze - - Sample

Received 3 items, will review others after trying them. Lemon Haze, Hawaiian and a syringe of raw Distillate.

This flower (Lemon Haze) is pretty caked. Smell and taste are excellent and it burns with a white ash. Effects are pleasant and uplifting. Only feed back is that they will want to...
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