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StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1741d474 reviews

Pink Bubba - Chronic Kush - Buy 2 get 1 free $344 for 3 oz - February 2018

Dense sticky nugs with a sweet/floral smell that burns clean white ash. Tastes earthy/sweet and has a smooth exhale. The high is a solid body buzz that is very relaxing/sedating; perfect for pain relief and right before bed. Amazing deal for the 2 for 1 sale price!!
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1741d474 reviews

Lemon Haze - Chronic Kush - $97/oz - February 2018

They are on the momslist... Scroll down to the OG kush post and you’ll see a link to their website
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1741d474 reviews

OG Kush (Budget Bud) - Chronic Kush - $60/oz - February 2018

Dense nugs with decent amount of trichomes. Not much of a smell but has a nice earthy taste with a solid high. For the price its really good! I bought this to make edibles but its suprisingly good in a vape. I’ll be orsdering more before the sale is over. Buy 2 get one free so 3 oz of this $120......
StormCrow·KronicKush·1741d2 reviews

Chronic Kush... my 1st review

Chronic Kush


Fast and easy:

Easy, add to cart everything done automatic:

Amazing, above notch with follow up emails to make sure of satisfaction:

Met in person, was still vac sealed in bubbler:

Purple Trainwreck $172 oz, Black Diamond $172 oz, ...
StonerSteve64·KronicKush·1745d474 reviews

Grand Daddy Purple Vape pen and THC Distillate - Chronic Kush - February 2018
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