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Cryptodino007·OnyxPhenos·538d22 reviews

Onyx Phenos -Flower&Edibles- February 2021

The aroma and flavor profile on this one is similar to Familia Funk if I had to compare it to a strain I had recently as they have many relatives in common. A combination of sweet earth and skunk with sharp undertones of fuel and spicy kush. Definitely a little funky like Steve Urkel himself. Joints...
bos420·OnyxPhenos·569d518 reviews

Blueberry Lemon Muffin * Onyx Phenos * January

Brand - Lemon Blueberry Muffin

Mom - Onyx Phenos

Flavor - The name being quite accurate to the flavor of lemon and blueberry, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar for an extra flavor kick which was a really tasty addition. The muffin was really good, no weed taste at all, not eve...
MadamPompadouf·OnyxPhenos·570d31 reviews

Steve Hurkle / Onyx Phenos / January 2021

Quality: 7.5/10 Value: 7/10

Lineage: Tahoe Og x Harlequin x Querkle

Appeal: Came in quite squished along with the other two samples so the bud doesn't look amazing but it is nicely covered in trichomes. Unfortunately the sample contained a seed which seems to have happened...
Thechronickid00·OnyxPhenos·571d130 reviews

Onyx Phenos Review - Flower & Edibles - January 2021

MoM : Onyx Phenos

Ships from : Ontario

Strains :

Steve Hurkle
Got to try out a few different strains from Onyx Phenos recently along with a couple edibles as well. This is Steve Hurkle, their staple indica and a crossing of Tahoe Og x Harlequin x Querkle....
thechronickid_00·OnyxPhenos·571d1236 reviews

Lemon Blueberry Streusel Muffin (250mg) - Onyx Phenos - January 2021

More pictures :

Just like the Brownie I previously reviewed, this Lemon Blueberry Streusel Muffin was absolutely delicious. Not even in a ”delicious for an edible type way” but just delicious. Super fresh and soft too with a moist bite and next to zero weed...
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